Taking Care of Bonsai Trees

Tips and Techniques To Help Your Plant

Worried about taking care of bonsai trees? These tips will help you become more confident about your plant.

This is a topic that would interest any bonsai enthusiast who has been struggling around with the various facets of caring for and maintaining the bonsai. Let’s dive in right into the discussion


Trmming the bonsai is an important aspect of bonsai care. If you want to learn how to care for your bonsai then trimming is the activity you should start with. Aesthetically designed bonsai can be obtained by creative trimming habits. Apart from some basic thumb rules your imagination and persistence will take you through the tiring process of trimming to create that perfect shape you always wanted your plant to attain. You will need to trim the plant during summer and spring to control growth of foliage for achieving a desired shape.

If you ask about taking care of bonsai trees to the masters then most likely you will get an answer saying imagine how you want your tree to be. That is so very true. You must imagine your plant taking a certain shape before you can actually trim it leading it in the desired direction.


If you are wondering how to care for your bonsai especially after it has gone through those early years of development then wiring is another method that can help you keep it in the perfect shape. Along with trimming properly planned wiring can get you amazing results. For wiring purposes usually flexible metal wires are used, most common are annealed copper wire and aluminum. Copper and aluminum are very ductile and thus suit well to your wiring needs.

Wiring is essentially the method of restricting and reshaping the growth of parts of the shoot using a metal wire. The wire is wrapped around the parts such that it leads its development in the proper direction.


Pruning is more of a cleaning exercise. This is usually done during the late winter season when the plant growth is in dormancy. Pruning during the dormant season is recommended because it will not disturb the growth of new leaves and shoot during other seasons.

In the pruning process you remove the dead branches and other inactive parts, clean the entire plant of any decaying foliage. At times the entire trunk is removed. Specific care is to be taken while cutting the branches. The cuts should not be very deep as that will take a toll on the plant growth at that point. Sometimes the plant starts decaying from the point where these cuts are made. Thus pruning demands great care and attention from the bonsai grower. Though you will develop your pruning skills over a period of time, you will find it difficult to handle the emotions you go through seeing your bonsai die out because of your action. So be patient and learn from your mistakes when it comes to caring for bonsai.

You will learn more about taking care of bonsai trees as you get experienced catering to the plants daily needs and requirements.

Disease control

Plants are susceptible to attacks by pests and moulds. The bonsai plant that you cared for so many days can be dead within days if you don’t protect it against pests. You might feel taking care of bonsai trees is very difficult given that there are a huge variety of pests and microbes that you need to fight against. This is where experience comes in handy.

Some of the common pests include aphides, caterpillars and mites. There are various ways of controlling each of them. You can learn more on techniques to combat diseases by researching on the internet and your local library or by visiting your local bonsai club.


Watering is important for survival of any plant and bonsais are no different. Adequate amount of water is essential for proper growth of your bonsai. While lack of water could lead to dehydration and death of the plant over watering also has its own disadvantages like rotting of roots. Apart from the amount the frequency in which the plant is watered is also important. Different plant varieties will have different needs when it comes to water. A sound knowledge of such biological needs of your bonsai plant will be very helpful in helping it grow properly.

These are some pointers to help you in the right direction so that you feel taking care of bonsai trees is not a difficult process but a fun and enjoyable activity.

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