Bonsai Kit

Having a bonsai kit with right set of tools made specially for bonsai would go a long way in ensuring you have a good experience while training your bonsai trees.

In this article you will get an idea about the different types of bonsai tools that you must posses as a part of your kit.

It is commonly understood that for a painter, having the right set of brushes makes a great difference between having a good and a brilliant painting. Similarly for a bonsai enthusiast having the right kit with the right set of tools makes the difference between an average and an exceptional bonsai tree.

While purchasing the tools for your kit its better to buy the best tools you can afford. At times it makes perfect sense to spend a couple of dollars more on a tool, that if you are very sure of its need and quality.

A good bonsai kit should have the following tools in it.

  • Pliers

    A kit for bonsai without a good set of pliers is like having a guitar without a good plectrum. Spend generously in buying good quality plies.

    Usually pliers made up of stainless steel with the cutting edges laminated with carbon are expensive but last for a very long time, and also enable you to train your bonsai plants with a lot of ease and precision. Hence having good quality pliers is a must for any bonsai kit.

  • Leaf-Trimmers

    While carrying out leaf pruning exercise good quality leaf trimmers (defoliating shears) come in handy. It makes removing dead foliage and buds very easy and at the same time ensures minimum damage to the bonsai plant.

  • Half Concave Cutters

    Cutters are one of the most important tools of any kit. It helps to cut branches. A good quality cutter helps the cut wound heal faster. Using a bad cutter leads to a lot of damage to the branches and may leave a permanent mark on the branches.

  • Bonsai Rakes and Tweezers

    Rakes are useful in removing soil from the roots of the bonsai tree while carrying out the repotting exercise. Tweezers are also of great utility. They help in removing dead foliage, leaves and other waste materials from the bonsai tree.

  • Saw

    Saws are mainly used for carrying out root pruning of the bonsai tree. A good quality saw enables you to carry out root pruning with proper precision and balance, without causing too much damage to the bonsai plant.

  • Clamps

    A good pair of clamps would help you a lot while trying to bend big branches for styling your bonsai tree.

Apart from these your kit should include root hooks and root picks, soil scoops, mini routers with different bits to help carve out patters on the trunk.

So go ahead a make yourself bonsai ready by collecting the best available bonsai tools for your bonsai kit.

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