Bonsai Supplies

Why bonsai supplies?

In order to ensure that your bonsai tree remains healthy and looks beautiful, it is very essential to always have adequate bonsai paraphernalia. Let us try and spend some time in identifying the list of things that could be a part of your essentials.

These are some of the most important elements that should be part of your bonsai supplies.

  • Tools

    Having the right set of tools will make your life a lot easier and will help you in taking proper care and maintenance of your bonsai trees. A common tool set would have tools like Wire Cutting tools, Root Cutting tools, Pliers, Scissors, Leaf trimming tools, Trunk splitter etc.

  • Wires

    Choosing the right kind of wire to train your tree is very important. You could either choose an aluminium wire or a copper wire, while the best thing would be an anodized aluminium wire. Wires come in different thickness and ideally you should choose a wire which is 1/3rd the thickness of the trunk, or branch to be wired.

  • Soil

    Every species has it own preference for the kind of soil. Qualities to look for when deciding for a soil for your bonsai plant would be: drainage capabilities, ability to provide proper aeration, and concentration of nutrient available in the soil. Ideally the soil should have good mixture inorganic and organic components, although the exact ratio would depend on the kind of tree, for which the soil is being used.

  • Pots

    The importance of a good quality bonsai pot cannot be over emphasized. It not only adds to the overall beauty of the bonsai plant, but also is essential to ensure proper growth of the plant. Choosing a pot of very small size and without proper drainage would stifle the growth of your bonsai plant. So it is advisable to invest on some good quality pots and enrich your bonsai supplies.

  • Fertilizer for Bonsai

    Like any general plant bonsai too need supplements in addition to the natural nutrient to aid there growth. Ideally you should use fertilizers for your bonsai plant once every two weeks. If you wish to fertilize more often then you should consider using a dilute solution. It is also important to understand how a plant reacts to a particular fertilizer variety and then decide on the appropriate type.

One other stuff that could be a part of your bonsai supplies include Bonsai pot lock to prevent your pot from theft falling off from its place.

You may also invest on clamps or branch benders to aid you while wiring your bonsai plant. Another interesting accessory is the files to help sharpen the leaves of the plants or smoothen out the rough edges.

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