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Do You Really Need To Follow the Tradition

Bonsai stands are an important aspect of displaying your prized bonsai possessions. Stands add a new dimension all together to the aesthetics of displayed species.

There are well defined techniques and styles of displaying plants on stands that can be traced back to the Japanese and Chinese traditions. Those cultures have a formal style of display that has matured over hundreds and thousands of years where as we kind of prefer an informal approach towards bonsai display.

Blind acceptance of any culture is something I myself do not promote but then one thing that I am confident about is that a little understanding of the reason behind display techniques used by masters of the trade for years together is going to enhance our knowledge if nothing else.

The Purpose of Bonsai Stands

So what is the ultimate purpose of an ideal stand?

The sole and most important purpose of stands is to accentuate the aesthetics of the showcased bonsai plant. Certain stands are very good forms of art and are capable of occupying space because of their captivating beauty, but then that is not why it is made.

A good stand should blend itself in such a manner that it draws attention to the displayed bonsai. The design should compliment the shape and size of the potted plant.

Tips on Selecting Bonsai Stands

In this section you will learn about some tips that will help you decide which bonsai stand to buy. You may use the ideas here and further explore how to customize your search for stands.

Decide on the type of stand

This is the first step towards getting a good display table. To get an answer to this question first have a close look at your bonsai plant. Look at its shape and imagine what kind of a table would compliment the plant’s design.

For example if you have a very small bonsai then you might prefer going for a display table with longer legs. For bulky and well grown plants flat beds would be more convenient. Similarly for windswept bonsai design stands with wide oval top surface will look better than the circular ones.

Static or mobile stands

Next step is to take a call on whether you would like to have a static or mobile bonsai stand. Mobile stands have wheels attached to the legs that can be used to move the displayed item from one place to another.

Accessory Cabinets

Certain stands double up as storage units. Such stands contain attached cabinets that can be used to store bonsai tools, books and accessories. This is quite a good option but for the fact that it will add up bulk to the display table.

Material for bonsai display tables

Display tables are made up of a wide variety of materials. Starting for wood and marble to aluminum, all sorts of materials have been used to create tables. Among others rosewood, walnut and mahogany are the popular timbers that have been extensively used.

Utility status of the stands

Before even thinking about buying a stand you should have a rough idea about where you are going to set it up for display. Then it will be a lot easier to select one stand that meets your utility criteria. For example a pedestal stand would look good when it is kept all alone in a formal display whereas a flat bed one can be placed nicely on your study table.

Take care to choose a stand where it will be easy for you to maintain the bonsai without much relative movement between the pot and the stand. For example activities like watering should not be much of a pain because of the stand.

So now let your creative juices flow and start searching for that ideal bonsai stand. I am sure you will be satisfied with the effort put in to selecting the best table for your precious bonsai.

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