Grape Bonsai

Grape Bonsai!!

Is it really possible to grow a Grapes in miniature plants?

We can create bonsai out of many different species of trees. They could be either fruit bearing trees or flower bearing trees. One of the most interesting fruit bearing species to choose for bonsai is the Grape. You could actually have a grape tree inside your own living room with live fresh grapes on it.

Grape trees grow pretty quickly and the older they are, the more beautiful they look. Hence it would need a lot of effort from the bonsai enthusiast to grow this bonsai. The leaves of the grape are quite large hence it would need some training to grow the tree in a way that the trunk and the branches would be proportional to the size of the leaves.

Grapes need a lot of sunlight to ensure proper growth of the tree. They are generally tolerant to cold weathers, but need some attention so as not to be exposed to below freezing temperatures.

Grapes need a lot of water, hence you would have to monitor the soil in the bonsai pot, and ensure that it does not stay dry over a considerable amount of time.

As mentioned earlier training the grape bonsai by pruning and wiring is very important to ensure that it looks like a bonsai. Pruning of this bonsai should usually be carried out during the middle of the winter season. Ensure that you prune out the bonsai to have only two to three buds left. You could then make a last cut in the start of the spring season. Pruning of the bonsai could also be continued during the growing season by practicing finger pruning and pinching out new buds or leaves.

Being a fruit bearing tree, grape needs heavy fertilizing, especially during the time the tree is ready for a bloom and to bear grapes. During this time ensure that you protect the bonsai from rains.

Grape plants need to be repotted every two years. It is generally preferable to carry out the repotting exercise during the early spring season, when the buds start coming out.

Grapes are generally grown in the weeping style as this style comes naturally to the plant unless otherwise you train it to grow in some other style like the informal upright style of the Cascade/Semi-Cascade Style.

The most common grape species chosen for bonsai are wine grape(Chardonnay etc…)

All in all it can be said that Grape would be one of the most interesting species to grow as a bonsai tree, one that would please both sight as well as taste. So go on and grow your own grape bonsai.

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