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Planning to buy bonsai tree?

Here you will learn the nuances of buying the perfect bonsai tree for your home or garden.

Bonsai is the art of miniaturizing plants to grow in restricted containers, by following specialized techniques like pruning, wiring, etc to keep them small.

It is an art form which demands a lot of dedication, and patience from the practitioner. It requires a lot of painstaking effort on the part of the bonsai enthusiast to grow a beautiful bonsai tree. And usually it would take many a years before you could have a good looking tree. But if are hooked to the beauty of bonsai and want to have possession of it, the best bet would be to buy bonsai tree.

People buy bonsai mainly for gifting to their loved ones, and it is generally marked that the frenzy to buy usually grows during the holiday season. If you are looking to buy bonsai either for your self or as a gift for your loved ones then take care of the following aspects.


Bonsai trees are available in price ranging from 10$ to around 500$ and more. The price of the bonsai tree depends upon the age of the tree, species of the tree and the quality of the pot. Bonsai trees can be grown in many different styles be it the formal upright style, informal upright style, root over rock style, forest style, cascade style, semi-cascade style. The style and aesthetics contribute to the price as well.


Second in the list for buying bonsai tree would be the variety of plant. Do you want a plant with great looking foliage? Or may be you aspire to go for a flowering plant, or probably a fruit bearing plant. There are lot of different varieties to choose from.


There are a lot of places to buy bonsai. If you prefer to see your plant physically before buying it, then visit a local bonsai nursery or garden and see the plant for your self before buying it.

Before you buy bonsai tree ensure that the plant is in good health.

The other option to is buying online. There are a lot of good web sites on the internet which provide expert and professional services for bonsai trees. Many successful nurseries have also come up with their online stores to help you buy bonsai trees and have them delivered at your doorsteps.

Some of the most popular sites to buy bonsai from are

  • is a good place to visit to buy your bonsai tree. They have wide range of bonsai trees starting from under 30$ to in excess of 500$. You could either order online or call them directly to have your bonsai tree shipped to your address.
  • is a good place to buy accessories related to the art of bonsai like bonsai stands, pots, tools, and lots of other bonsai stuff.
  • is the website of one of the largest bonsai nurseries in the United States. You may either buy bonsai trees from there online store or get it from their huge nursery at Olive Branch, Mississippi.