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Welcome to our bonsai gallery. Here you will find lots of high quality photos of various bonsai trees from around the world. Carefully crafted by the masters of the art these bonsai trees will inspire your future bonsai designs.

So have fun and enjoy the world of natural miniatures.

Acacia Catechu Bonsai Tree I had never seen an Acacia Catechu Bonsai till I stumbled on to this beauty in my old friend's house. Look at the pride with whichit stands tall...or may be short.
Almonda Bonsai Tree Ever seen an Almonda Bonsai Tree in it's full glory? This one caught my attention on my recent trip to a nature park in India. Beautifully trained, this one is a true labour of love.
Ficus Bonsai Tree Isn't this Ficus Bonsai beautiful? I loved the way it has grown up to this form. With all that foliage around it was a treat to the eye. Ficus as such has a number of plants in it's family. This is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever come accross.

Little More About The Bonsai Trees

Acacia Catechu Bonsai

This is the first encounter I had with an Acacia Catechu bonsai tree. I found this pretty attractive. This is a woody deciduous plant found in Asian countries like India and China. When left free it grows upto about 15 meters.

Almonda Bonsai

Confined to the middle eastern part of the world, this Almonda Bonsai plant is deciduous and woody. In nature it grows from 4 to 10 meters where a mature tree's diameter grows upto about 30 centimeters. Its a fruit bearing plant and works out great for bonsai culture.

Bonsai Ficus Microcarpa

I caught on this Ficus Microcarpa bonsai tree at a local bonsai garden. This plant has a number of synonyms. Its popularly known as Chinese Banyan, Indian Laurel and Curtain Fig. This is a great attraction for wild birds who feed on the fruit of this tree.

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