Artificial Bonsai

Artificial Bonsai Tree! Why on earth would somebody go for them?

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We humans love to create anything present in nature in our very own artificial form. Same is the case with artificial trees. Given the fact that growing bonsai trees take a lot of time, effort, and dedication, not all of us would be in a position to give what it takes.

But if you still want to have the beautiful trees like pine, maple or cedar in your own drawing room, without having to grow through the effort of growing and taking care of them, you could very well choose artificial trees.

The best thing about these trees is the fact that they look very real and at times it is very difficult to differentiate an artificial plant from a real one. Further more you will also have the option of choosing from a variety of shapes, sizes, style and of course a lot of tree species to chose from.

Artificial miniature trees make wonderful piece of item to decorate your living room or your office space and bring that tinge of nature into your life.

You could choose from multiple varieties of trees, the most common ones being the deciduous trees like the Japanese maple or go for an evergreen species like the podocarpus.

One of the most popular styles for artificial bonsai is the root over rock style.

One could also choose a flowering variety of artificial plants for bonsai. The beauty of having one is that you do not have to take the pain of constantly pruning, watering and wiring your trees and yet have a bonsai tree of your favourite species, adorning your room in all of its magnificent splendour.

The only care you would ever need to take for your artificial bonsai tree is that you would need to wipe it clean with a clean and damp cloth of duster at regular intervals to keep it free from dust.

There are a lot of different flowering varieties available like the Azalea, Bougainvillea and Camellia.

The prices for these items range from 10$ to 150$ depending on the size, shape and the species variety.

For flowering varieties the price would also depend on the number of flowers visible on the bonsai tree.

The branches and leaves of the artificial miniature trees are generally made from Luna clay. The advantage being that you could adjust the branches of the plant according to your own personal choice.

To give you an rough estimate, a flowering bonsai camellia artificial tree with a size of 9” X 8” X 12”, with around 280 leaves around 20 odd flowers and 40 odd buds, and potted in a 6” luna clay pot would cost you around 60$.

Artificial bonsai tree also make a wonderful item for gift on occasions like Christmas or new year, so go ahead and make your choice to have one for your self or as a gift of your loved ones.

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