Bonsai Seeds

Are There Any Special Seeds That Can Make Me Beautiful Bonsai?

Bonsai seeds is a misleading phrase.

Once initiated into the art of Bonsai, it would be very difficult to keep yourself off from experimenting with different species. And that is when your search would begin to find ways to get new species.

This is possible by various means the foremost of them being getting your bonsai tree from an already existing tree, by using methods such as grafting, air layering or cutting. The other more easier method being purchasing seeds for your Bonsai collection.

There are no special seeds that will grow into bonsai plants. You have to subject the seeds to bonsai culture to get the miniature gems.

Places to find Bonsai Seeds

For those of us who want to make their Bonsai collection from new seeds, it would be an obvious question as to where can we find these. You can find good seeds from your local gardener or nursery if there is one near by or you can order them online from a large number of online stores that are available on the internet.

Caring for and Sowing Bonsai Seeds

Your gardener would usually store the seeds in a refrigerated condition so as to ensure they remain healthy till the time they are planted.

If there would be any time delay between the point you buy seeds for bonsai and actually plant them, then do ensure that you take proper care of the seeds and do not expose them to harsh weather conditions.

The best time to sow is autumn. If the seeds are sown in autumn then they would germinate by the end of winter and beginning of spring. Your Bosai Seeds should ideally be sown in the outdoors, and special attention should be taken in choosing the right kind of soil. The kind of soil chosen would depend a lot on the species of the bonsai.

Artificial Germination

If you want to take control of the germination process of your seeds then there are some techniques that would help you in doing so.

  • For certain plant pecies with hard shell over seed, the natural germination cycle would take a little longer than usual, so what you could do is place the seeds in a bowl of water for around two days allowing the shell to soften. Water can then easily reach to the inner layers, and this would fasten the germination process.
  • For those plant seeds which usually germinate during the winter season, but you want the process to start in summer, you may wrap the seeds in moist paper napkins and keep them refrigerated for one to four months.

    Check the seeds at regular intervals and remove those that have germinated.

    For some species you would have to follow a different approach though, the total period of refrigeration of the Bonsai seeds could be interspersed with a period where in the seeds are placed in a bowl and exposed to room temperature before placing them back in the refrigerated condition.

  • Plant the seeds in appropriate soil and maintain proper moisture and mineral content by using natural fertilizers.
  • Once the Bonsai seed has sprouted you will have a whole new set of activities lined up for yourself.

Hopefully the mystery of magic seeds for bonsai is resolved by now. Understand that growing bonsai is an art and every art takes it's own time to come to life, more so if it's called bonsai.

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