Brussels Bonsai

Brussels Bonsai is one of the most popular and leading provider of bonsai trees in America. They grow bonsai trees in there own nursery, situated in Mississippi, and in addition they also import well trained bonsai trees from other parts of the world.

They have a sprawling nursery, covering around 100 thousand sq ft of green house which have many different varieties of bonsai. They have been in the bonsai business almost for 30 years now and cater to the needs of both beginners as well as expert bonsai enthusiasts.

In its efforts to promote the art of bonsai amongst the masses, Brussel's team organize an annual event called Rendezvous, which is generally held over the Memorial Day weekend, where in bonsai masters and practitioners from all around the world gather to discuss new and old methods of growing bonsai.

The highlights of the event are the hands on workshops, lectures and demonstrations on the art of bonsai. You can also find workshops on specific plant species. These sessions are conducted by experts and which offer a wonderful learning experience.

Rendezvous provides an wonderful opportunity for bonsai enthusiast to improve on their skills, and at the same time provides a platform for bonsai lovers to interact with each other and enrich this wonderful art form.

They operate an online store to sell bonsai trees as well as other bonsai accessories like bonsai pots, tools, soil, fertilizers and other paraphernalia like books, watering cans, fountains, pedestals etc.

It is very interesting to find out the history of this organization, its founder Brussel Martin was hooked into bonsai from a very early age and continued it with through his teenage years and finally established one of the first bonsai nurseries in America.

They also organize bonsai tree contests and organize workshops where in practitioners can walk in with there own bonsai trees, to explore new techniques in the art of bonsai.

You can find their nursery at the following address.

BRUSSELS BONSAI 8365 Center Hill Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654 USA.

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