Jade Tree Bonsai

Get It Right The First Time

Can I create a Jade Tree Bonsai?

Many beginners I have been working with wonder whether Jade is a good option for them. And after some research on Jade Tree’s properties and habitat I feel though they can be trained as bonsai it’s certainly an uphill task to do them right, especially for the beginner.

Contrary to the popular belief among hobbyists that Jade Tree is not a good option for bonsai culture, I believe it certainly is an option worth trying if you don’t consider yourself a bonsai beginner.

For intermediate and advanced level bonsai practitioners this may be an interesting project worth spending time on.

A Closer Look At Jade Tree

Jade tree is an evergreen plant variety that’s mostly confined to South Africa. It has certain characteristic properties of plants used to the dry weather of South Africa. Leaves of Jade Tree are fleshy and are capable of holding up water in them. This helps them survive in South African conditions.

You must take immense care of not overwatering the plant while growing it as a bonsai. Overwatering could lead to disastrous results.

A Jade Tree would as such make a great visually appealing bonsai because of its beautiful leaves. More over the water holding capabilities of Jade tree leaves will see to it that you don’t commit yourself to regular watering of the plant.

However one has to be very careful about the stalk while dealing with a Jade.

The stalk in this tree is soft and can be easily damaged if substantial care is not taken. This is where you experience as a bonsai enthusiast will come in handy.

It’s Easy and Here’s Why

It’s not really that difficult to work with this plant because it is virtually maintenance free barring the softness of its stalk which causes some problem while handling it.

This plant grows well in all types of lighting conditions. Be it low light or high light your Jade bonsai won’t complain...you have my word for this.

Jade bonsai tree makes a great showpiece because of its unique shape and structure. As mentioned earlier the leaves are fleshy and beautiful. This again is accentuated by the unique single trunk look of Jade Tree.

Usually under normal circumstances Jade Tree grows to about 6 feet height. The growing process is extremely slow and thus growing a Jade Tree bonsai calls for a lot of patience.

A Jade may take up to about 20 years to reach a height of 3 feet. This is an indicator of the time it takes to come into some noticeable stage.

A little sunshine during the bloom days is great for Jade Tree bonsai, though lighting is not a very big concern for this tree’s growth. However if you want gorgeous blooms on your Jade then make sure that it is exposed to sunlight as much and as frequently as possible.

Jade Tree bonsai can be trained indoors as well as outdoors. I personally prefer growing it indoors but then it’s a decision that you will take based on your need and choice.

Growing outdoors will expose the bonsai to lot of sun light which is good for the plant but then it also will be accessible to pests. Protecting the plant from aphids is a primary concern of most Jade Tree bonsai growers.

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