Bald Cypress Bonsai

Want A Forest Right in Your Living Room?

Bald Cypress bonsai is one of the most commonly used bonsai species for the forest style of bonsai making.

and I am sure you are looking for one in your living room…right?

In addition these are good trees to start with for beginners to the bonsai world. These trees are quite weather hardy and need very less care as compared to some other bonsai varieties.

The bald cypress can reach to a height of around 40 meters in there natural surroundings. Bald cypress bonsai is a good specimen for practising the forest type of bonsai style, for this you could consider planting around 5 to 7 bald cypress stumps in a single bonsai pot. However the number of stumps to be planted in each pot is to be decided by the size of the pot itself.


The best time to buy bald cypress is during the late winter or early spring, as it would less risky to dig up the tree during this time of the year. If the roots of the bald cypress plant get exposed to cold winters then it would harm the health of the plant.

The wood of bald cypress is very soft, so it would be easier to cut it out.

You could either get a bald cypress plant from Wal-mart or you could hunt for one at your local nursery, better still get one from a host of online stores that sell good bonsai trees.

Watering for Bald Cypress

Wet soil is preferred for this bonsai. While watering ensures that the soil in the pot is completely submerged in water. During the winters once a day of watering is sufficient, but during the summer season you might have to consider watering two times a day, of course this would again depend on the climatic conditions in your region.

Bald Cypress Bonsai Pruning

This plant grows at a considerably fast rate, so it would take some work to keep it in proper shape and size. The height of the tree should always be maintained proportionately to the width of the base of the trunk.

Follow the 6:1 ratio, i.e.: Make the height of bonsai 6 times that of the diameter of the base of the trunk. This is a standard that is usually applied for all the bonsai plants.

If you want to make your bonsai grow to a height larger than the normal then you could leave it without pruning for a couple of years and let the plant grow to a considerable height. This will also help in making a strong trunk for the plant as the wind lashing of the upper part of it will enable the base to become stronger to counteract the wind. After the plant has reached a considerable height (i.e. the height you want the plant to be) you could consider pruning the plant again.

In the end it would be great fun to see all your efforts take shape, when you have a nice and healthy Bald Cypress Bonsai to share your habitat with.

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