Gardenia Bonsai

Gardenia Bonsai is one of the most loved plants in the bonsai world. With there beautiful appearance and wonderful fragrance, the Gardenia make an ideal item to present as a gift to your loved ones.

Gardenia is an evergreen shrub with flowers that are either solitary or form in small clusters. Many species of Gardenia have very strong scent and might have adverse effects on people suffering from asthma.

Gardenia are comparatively difficult to grow. Being a tropical plant they require a high amount of water. There are several different species of Gardenia available each belonging to a particular region or country.

In places with a lot of sun and heat it is advisable to have the Gardenia Bonsai planted indoors, but with arrangements to ensure that the plant is exposed to good amount of sunlight.

It should be exposed to the sunlight for some around 3 to 4 hours a day and when kept indoors it should be placed at a place adequately exposed to the sunlight.

Watering Gardenia

It is preferable to keep the gardenia watered regularly so as to ensure that the soil does not get dry. Since it is exposed to sun for at least half of the day it requires more watering as compared to some other bonsai varieties.

The soil should be monitored to ensure that the soil never dries out as that would be detrimental to the plant. An easier cue to find this would see the colour of the soil, as soon as it gets dusty and dry you should reconsider re watering your bonsai.

Pruning and Repotting

Pruning of Gardenia has to be carried out to give the plant a proper shape and size. It is advisable to carry the pruning exercise after it the flowering season has ended.

Ensure to remove all the dead leaves and flowers to promote new growth of the gardenia bonsai.

Wiring should be carried out during late winter or spring. Wiring should be carried out with great care, ensuring that the barks not tightened so hard that they have wire marks on it or worse, break under the stress of wiring.

Repotting exercise should be carried out every 2 years during the late winter, or can even be carried out during the spring season.

During repotting remember to prune the roots. Too much of root pruning would be detrimental to the plant, hence only about 10% of the roots should be pruned. The soil used during the repotting process should have a high content of organic matter.

Growing Gardenia is not easy but its certainly worth the effort.

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