Caring for Bonsai

Caring for bonsai is the most important aspect of growing bonsai trees. So it would be worth spending time on learning the basic techniques to be followed to create a beautiful bonsai.

In the following section I have enlisted some generic tips that will help you get up to speed with bonsai caring.

Bonsai Caring Quick Tips

  • Keep the trees at a place where it gets sufficient sunlight and proper ventilation. The surrounding should be kept neat and clean as well.
  • Keep your bonsai tree clean. Clear all the dust off the bonsai containers. Washing the leaves of the bonsai tree once every week will also help give a clean look to your bonsai plant.
  • If you live in a tropical climate then ensure that you protect your bonsai trees for very strong sunlight and strong winds.

    Bonsai trees are generally very reactive to extreme climatic fluctuations, so it is very important to understand the requirements of the bonsai plant you are growing.

  • If you want to keep you bonsai plant permanently in your living room, then it is advisable to keep your bonsai plants outdoors and bring them indoors for decorative purpose only for one or two days.

    If you have to keep it indoors, ensure that it is kept at a positing where it would get sufficient sunlight for at least 3 to 5 hours in a day.

  • You should carry out regular pinching and pruning of the new leaves and buds so as to ensure that the bonsai tree stays in proper shape and grows nicely.
  • Fertilizing bonsai tree is also crucial for bonsai. Instead of using harmful chemicals organic fertilizers. You may consider preparing a mixture of mustard seed cakes and bone meal in the ratio of 6:1 and then make small balls out of it.

    These could then be placed in the soil of the bonsai plant allowing them to slowly dissolve while watering or you could even mix them in the water and apply the solution to bonsai soil. Either ways would work.

In addition to these generic tips you may also need to follow certain other activities as a part of your caring for bonsai routine. Every specie has its own care and maintenance requirements, so it is important that you keep these things in mind while deciding on your caring for bonsai calendar.

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