Bonsai Tree Care Instructions

Practical Stuff That You Must Take Care Of

Here you will find Bonsai tree care instructions that will help you on your way to mastery of the bonsai art. It is a very old art form developed in the oriental world of china and then migrated to different parts of the world.

Practicing this art form gives the opportunity of having nature’s most beautiful trees like the maple, Oak, Cedars in your own drawing room. It is not a very easy art form to practice and demands a lot of patience, dedication and imagination on the part of the practitioner.

Bosai trees require a lot of care and training to keep them in proper shape and size. Here you will find some of the important bonsai tree care instructions which will help you have healthy growth for your bonsai tree.

Bonsai Care Tips

Here is a comprehensive list of different aspects of growing bonsai that you must acquaint yourself with.

  • Pruning

    Pruning is probably the most important point in the to do list of bonsai tree care instructions. It ensures that the bonsai plant stays in proper shape. Every plant species has a specific period during which it is dormant and this is the most appropriate season to carry out the pruning exercise. Pruning should be carried out with a lot of care and attention as it adds a lot of stress to the plant. Pruning involves the cutting of excess foliage, reshaping of branches and trunks and also involves cutting excessive root growth.

  • Watering

    The water requirements of bonsai plant must be carefully attended to for healthy plants. Educate yourself on the water requirements of the plant species you want to grow as bonsai. Too much of watering would lead to a root rot where as too little of it would dry out the plant, stifling its growth.

    Water requirements also vary based on season and climatic conditions. The kind of soil used will also affect the amount of water needed. It is of paramount importance to understand the specific needs of each plant so as to ensure its healthy growth.

  • Fertilizing

    Every plant needs some additional nutrient supplements to promote its growth and vitality. You may consider using good liquid solvent fertilizers and apply it to the bonsai plant at recommended strength. Generally fertilization should be carried out once every one month depending on the growth stage of the bonsai plant.

  • Repotting

    Whenever you seek bonsai tree care instructions pay special attention to repotting ideas.

    It is generally carried out when the existing bonsai container is completely filled with roots. Once the container is completely filled with roots, soil no longer supports the plant with adequate amount of nutrients. This leads to sluggish growth of the plant.

    Once the roots start coming out of the soil they become prone to infection and pest attack and this may be detrimental to the general health of the plant. Hence the repotting exercise should be carried out once every two years, depending on the plant species.

    While repotting make sure that the new pot is sufficiently big and has proper drainage holes. You may consider doing some root pruning while carrying out the repotting exercise and it is ideally carried out during the end of summer. Clean the new pot and a lay a layer of mesh over the drainage holes so as to prevent drainage of soil during watering.

  • Protection against diseases

    Proper and judicious use of insecticides and pesticides would ensure that your bonsai tree is free from common plant diseases. Every plant is vulnerable to certain specific pests and diseases, so it is important to decide on the medication based on the plant variety.

  • Sunlight and Humidity

    Certain plant species are very weather hardy and are resistant to extreme weather condition while certain others are very vulnerable. So you should find out the most appropriate amount of sunlight exposure required for your bonsai tree.

Following the above mentioned bonsai tree care instructions would ensure that your bonsai tree grows in a healthy manner and takes a shape and size as you desire.

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