Beginner Bonsai Trees

Beginner Bonsai Trees! What are they and why should I be bothered?

The most important step in getting into the art of bonsai is the initiation.

The thought of having to spend countless hours in caring for your bonsai plants to see them in their full glory and vigour is frightening enough for any bonsai beginner to shy away from this wonderful art.

However once you take that bold step and enter into the wonderful world of bonsai plants you would find that the rewards far outweigh the efforts. The first step after getting initiated is to decide on a bonsai tree which would survive through your first days of bonsai experience.

As a beginner in the bonsai world you would ideally be required to take care of the following as a part of your learning curve

  • Propagation
  • Watering
  • Deciding on the right kind of soil for your beginner bonsai tree
  • Proper exposure to sunlight
  • Proper pruning and Wiring
  • Repotting
  • Use of proper fertilizers

Once you get hold of the above functions you will have a relatively easy time growing your bonsai tree.

Best of Beginner Bonsai Trees

It is very important to decide on an appropriate bonsai tree, one which would not need a lot of care, and would be hardier than some of the other varieties. The most commonly used bonsai trees for beginners are discussed below

Bald Cypress

Bald cypress is one of the most widely chosen trees for bonsai beginners. It is widely used for forest style of bonsai. You could either chose to grow it from a bald cypress seed or cut out a branch from an existing tree and then grow it in your own garden.

Okinawa Holly

This is a very beautiful beginner bonsai tree with pink flowers and small, glossy leaves. It demands less care and makes a perfect fit for bonsai beginners.

Flowering Crab-Apple

This is another wonderful tree which is an absolute delight to grow. It also bears pink flowers and the growth is quite dense and at times it seems as a pink cloud cover on the tree. The most important fact about crab apple is that they are quite susceptible to certain kinds of pest attacks. Other than this crab apples are quite weather hardy and easy to grow.

Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

The Hawaiian Umbrella tree is also very weather hardy and adaptable to changing weather conditions. It has a very dense growth of leaves and blooms with red flowers in the spring season. It is very easy to propagate and requires relatively less training as compared to many others.

Japanese Black Pine

Japanese black pine is another very popular tree chosen for bonsai training. It is a versatile tree and is very responsive to various bonsai training methods. Hence it is one of the perfect beginner bonsai trees. It is also quite weather hardy, and once the basic things like watering, pruning, repotting and protection against pests is taken care, the Japanese black pine gives ample reward to all the efforts of the bonsai trainer.


Any list for bonsai trees would not be complete without mentioning the Cotoneaster. With its small leaves and flowers and swift responsiveness to the training along with weather hardy nature, makes it a good contender as a specimen to help you enter the bonsai world.


Also known as Rhododendron is very common in the bonsai world. There are many varieties, but two of them are frequently used for bonsai training, the satkuzi and the Kurume azalea.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is another popular flowering bonsai tree. By virtue of its beautiful flowers and the over all beauty of the tree, it is extensively used for decoration purpose and makes a wonderful gift item for your loved ones.

Japanese maple

The Japanese maple makes itself a strong contender for beginner bonsai tree by virtue of its changing colour, beautiful branching pattern and very supple leaves.

With a hobby like bonsai that is so demanding of your time and commitment knowing the varieties of plants that you can get started with easily is of immense help. But then it does not really guarantee your success in the first attempt. As with any other hobby there is a learning curve that you must go through to be able to produce the kind of bonsai you have been dreaming of.

So have fun and enjoy the hobby with this list of beginner bonsai trees.

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